Lars Walløe MD PhD

Professor emeritus

Division of Physiology,
Institute of Basic Medical Sciences,
University of Oslo

Postal address: P.O. Box 1103 Blindern,
NO-0317 Oslo
Street address: Sognsvannsveien 9,
Oslo, Norway

Telephone: (+47) 22 85 12 18, Mobile: (+47) 909 67 531

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Professor emeritus Lars Walløe is senior researcher at the Department of Physiology, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo. Professor Walløe and his colleagues use modern, non-invasive methods combined with advanced data processing techniques in their research, and have focused particularly on the rapid responses of the human cardiovascular system to different stimuli and the control mechanisms underlying these responses. At present, the group is working on the skin circulation and temperature regulation, short-term control of the central circulation and blood pressure, and muscle blood flow. Lars Walløe has also published on neuronal nets, statistical methodology, historical demography, population biology, reproductive epidemiology, and whale biology.

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About Professor Walløe's research in fields other than physiology:
(Articles in honour of his 60th birthday) Edited by: Lars Nygaard og Karin Toska, first published 20.05.1998
Last updated: 27.02.2021